VR Days Europe

Uniting the XR industry under one
roof with life-changing experiences

Head of Production


April – November 2019

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Event Design



Stakeholder Management

Project Management

Customer Service

Vendor Relations

The Company

The three-day conference, held annually in the heart of Amsterdam, provides a unique confluence of science, technology, and art. It attracts industry leaders and pioneers from around the world.

The Challenge

The fast-growing conference has no shortage of stakeholders. I navigated the conflicting needs of speakers, exhibitors, guests, and industry organizations and kept my team motivated under the pressures of both time and ambitions that stretched resources.

Spanning five venues throughout Amsterdam, the event required a unique AV setup in addition to over 40 VR HMDs and 20 VR installations, requiring a range of hardware, software, and specialists.

Responsibilities & Results

From crafting our plan of execution six months out to post-production debriefs, I oversaw every element of the event and made it an experience to be remembered.

I focused on user experience at every step, using their needs to guide decision-making.

I injected new ideas into the company that led to a better flow for the event.

I managed relationships with worldwide partners and key sponsors, building trust and accountability towards a smooth collaboration.

In the end, this fifth edition of the conference was hailed as the best to date.


Total Attendees: 2,000+

Countries Represented: 60

Speakers & Hosts: 150+

Total Attendees:

Countries Represented:

Speakers & Hosts:





As with any project meant to serve individuals, their goals should be clearly understood before anything is created. VR Days’ user goals were opportunities for attendees and speakers to network, share their ideas and new projects, and be inspired by the industry’s future. Any time guests spend figuring out where to go or how to get their presentations to work is taken from their primary goals.

User-oriented planning and creative problem-solving can help a small team with a limited budget achieve the incredible. At the same time, it’s invaluable to know limitations and build on preexisting strengths rather than attempt to fulfill every possibility without taking into account the impact of such ideas.

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